Jake is a self-taught photographer with a love for wild places. Initially a backpacker and hiker, it was only in search of beautiful landscapes and adventure that he picked up a camera. Once he realized he could best communicate the World’s natural beauty through digital photography, he was hooked.

Always fascinated by the subtle line between perception and reality, Jake is neither a realist nor surrealist, but searches for a connection between both the physical and the spiritual nature of experience; capturing a subjects place within a larger natural order. He hopes that people will see his photography for more than the aesthetics of the photograph, but for the transcending connection his subject has with its simplistic natural environment, which he calls “A Spiritual Epiphany”.

Jake has travelled to over 12 different countries within the past 5 years searching for places that exist, which share a balance of raw beauty and see less people. He has been honing his photography skills, developing his portfolio & website, selling his work to clients, and now submitting his work to magazines. He is striving to own his own photography studio, so that he can live his life and report to the world through his pictures. He has a concentration on capturing remote wild places and mainly focuses on Wildlife, Landscape, and Milky Way Photography.

Some of the most impressive places he has photographed include; the Amazon Jungle, the Southern Alps, the Okavango Delta, the Namib Dessert, the Serengeti, Patagonia, the Crazy Mountains, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and the Mountains of the Moon.